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Here at PTF we specialize in visual branding and storytelling. We believe that to successfully convert any kind of prospect to a customer is won through impactful and electrifying content. 

Perfect Pear - Girls Trip 2.mp4
Stewart Miller Simmons “Your Injury Case Matters”
Amazon Music x Terilisha
United Way - TV Spot (30 Sec)
LRKFit - New Years 2020
Leisset Baker - Phittest Physique

our process



Strategy is our first and most important step of the process. We identify your target audience and strategically map out the best way to help you connect to your customers. By doing this we allow your goals for the project to dictate the creative direction.



Pre-Production is where we begin to break down the components needed to bring our collaborative vision to life. This could include: story development, script writing, story boarding, location scouting, and scheduling.

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Execution is where we allow preparation and calculated creativity to meet. Covering everything from filming to finishing. (E.g. filming, lighting, set design, editing, sound design, VFX, voice-over, color, and final renders.) 



The final step is to help determine the best way to implement what we have expertly created into your business. Advising on the ad structure and positioning as well how to maximize the potential of the creative tools. 

our clients


Jimmy Ball: The most dedicated professional to his craft that I've ever met. Perfectionist. Creative. Passionate.

Erik johnson

Owner of J2 Marketing



Working with Purple Thread Films provides the peace of mind of knowing that you're CREATING VIDEO MARKETING THAT ACTUALLY SELLS! THIS is what separates us from ALL others.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.